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Why a Virtual PA?

How fortunate that as economic pressures make it more challenging to access top-level, professional executive assistance, the connectivity afforded by the Internet makes it simple and more affordable – enter the Virtual PA.

Here are just some of the ways a Virtual PA will save you money:

Bullet 1  you eliminate overhead for office space and equipment

Bullet 2  you enhance your organisational efficiency and productivity

Bullet 3  you are invoiced for hours worked or tasks completed – your expenditure is
    dictated only by your needs

Bullet 4  you enjoy benefits of outsourcing including freedom from employer liabilities,
    as well as tax and national insurance issues

Bullet 5  you will have at your fingertips expert administration skills – embodying best practice
    across a variety of sectors and companies – with no need to spend time and money
    acquiring them yourself.

I appreciate that flexibility is paramount, and I am happy to work within your organisation either remotely or on-site where geography permits (I am located in the South of England). You will realise enhanced flexibility through the very wide range of skills from which I will tailor a package perfect for your needs.